Friday Dollar Madness

Welcome to our Dollar Madness

Sorry NO reservations for this event

Dollar Madness starts 7 Pm in the Winters and 7 Pm Spring & Summer

Dollar Madness GLOW begins at 8Pm

But give us a call to verify this Deal


Here's the Deal:

Five & a Quarter bucks gets you in and the first game


Shoes are  two bucks -  Did I mention after each person purchases the first game - Yep, all bowling games after that are only two bucks too! Popcorn is way less than the movies  - Soft Pretzels?  Yep special prices too -

I want a Hot Dog!!! OK give Carole a buck-2-five and you get a dog!

(Sorry the state wants sales tax on most items)


NO reservations for this event but verify we are not hosting a party using all the lanes


Friday Dollar Madness