Let's Bowl at Ernst Lanes


In this first video, learn about the popular game of modern bowling, bowling terms and what you'll see inside an AMF Bowling Center (not our place). Need fun? Watch the video, have a chuckle. When your done watching, put away the Wii and come bowl with us.

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Let's Get Started


In the second video, learn some of the basics of how to bowl. Why do you use a special bowling shoe? What's the right ball for you. This video will get you ready to bowl.

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Bowling Basics


In the third video, we'll show you some of the important bowling basics such as where to stand on the lane, a 4 step approach and tips on arm swing, and more.

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Getting Better

How to Improve & Have Fun


We'll show you some extra tips such as how to hold the ball and how to pick up spares. These tips will make bowling even more fun -- watch the pins fall and your score go up! This will improve your Wii score too!

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